TRIM by Sunmed

Our proprietary stimulant-free CBD weight loss formula.
Explore a natural approach to weight loss with TRIM by SUNMED. This revolutionary new line of products in weight loss science features NITRO-V, a proprietary compound derived from hemp extracts known to naturally suppress your appetite. TRIM by SUNMED is scientifically backed by clinical trials with proven weight loss by 100% of participants, over a 90 day trial period.



  • TRIM is backed with a TON of clinical data and is light years ahead of traditional weight loss supplements. STIMULANT-FREE!
  • It is also a CBD product that provides many benefits from a pain, anxiety, and sleep perspective.
  • Can be taken anytime of day, as long as 50mg per day is reached for optimal results.
  • CB1 receptor modulation is selective and profound even at low doses of NITRO-V. Think of how aggressive "munchies" are, but the opposite!
  • 100 out of 100 test subjects saw weight loss of at least 5lbs without diet or exercise.



The CB1 Receptor.
This is a key advantage to the mixture of this product. It relies on targeting and binding to the CB1 receptor, but also allows for other cannabinoid receptors to function.
Basically, it isn't "killing" the entire ECS functionality, just modulating CB1 receptors' control of appetite.
If we associate the CB1 receptor to satiation or how satisfied we are with a particular substance, i.e. alcohol, food, etc. we may have a perfect candidate to modulate this and control the urges and appear to be "satisfied" with our current intake.
NITRO-V is actively targeting the CB1 receptor, but in the exact opposite way that psychotropic compounds would.


The clinical trial was performed and is awaiting language for publication.
The study was conducted to demonstrate the efficacy of NITRO-V extract for weight loss, BMI reduction, girth loss, and improvement of overall health among a population of overweight individuals. 100 active participants and 25 placebo participants took part in the study.
Two groups, Group A and Group B, were each given 50mg/day and 100mg/day of NITRO-V extract respectively, for 90 days. Group A maintained a starting weight of 200-250lbs, and Group B maintained a starting weight of 250-300lbs. Participants were also broken down into subcategories such as gender. Participants were evaluated on a variety of different metrics, including weight loss, girth loss, BMI reduction, and blood work inflammation markers. Overall, saw a significant improvement in weight outcomes, girth outcomes, BMI reduction, and improvement in inflammation markers for all participants in the study.















FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease in man or animal. Consult your physician before use. For adults 18 years or older (21 years or older for all Delta-8, vape or raw hemp products).